Buying Original Art

General Questions

How do I buy original art that I saw on your website?

For inquiries about buying original art, or questions about my artwork in general, please visit my contact page. I’d be happy to answer your specific questions.

What if I contact you about purchasing artwork, but end up not buying anything?

Sometimes people are reluctant to contact an artist with an inquiry. Maybe you just have a question or comment about the art, with no intention of buying anything. No worries, go ahead and contact me. It’d be fun to chat with you! No pressure whatsoever to make a purchase.

How do I pay for purchasing and shipping original art?

For purchasing and shipping original art, payments and transactions are processed via PayPal. Pay invoice with a PayPal account, or Debit or Credit Card.

Is original artwork returnable or refundable?

Our Purchase Agreement (see Purchase Agreement section) is for you to feel confident that careful attention to detail has been made in order to fulfill your expectations. Therefore, original artwork is non-returnable, non-refundable. All sales are final.

What if the original art is damaged during shipping?

1. Provide Evidence: For both of us—you the buyer, and me the artist—the best recourse is to provide proof that damage occurred during shipping. Thus, when the package arrives, there is a label on it reminding you to photograph it (preferably with timestamps) as soon as possible after receiving it—and continue taking timestamped photos in stages as you unwrap it. 

Then, if at any point during the unwrapping, it turns out that the art has been damaged, those photos will be used as proof and documentation to file a claim with the shipping company.

2. Please Contact Me: Please contact me within 5 days upon receiving the damaged artwork so I can advise you how to proceed. If your timestamped photos and any additional documentation can be used as supporting evidence to show proof of damage during shipment, you will be given instructions for repackaging and returning the damaged art as is. 

If you have contacted me, received approval, and followed instructions for returning the damaged art, it is my policy to reimburse you for the full purchase price and your shipping costs when I receive the returned damaged artwork. I will file a claim with the shipper for my own compensation for damages and shipping costs.


Purchase Agreement For Buying Original Art

Prior to making any payments for artwork and shipping, we will have communications to answer all of your questions and concerns. When we reach an agreement for the terms of purchasing, shipping, and receiving the original artwork, I will email a signed Purchase Agreement (PDF) for you to review, sign, and email back to me. The artwork will be shipped after the transaction of funds is completed via PayPal. You can pay with a PayPal account, or Debit or Credit Card. Upon verification of delivery, I will email you a final statement as your bill of sale, which also serves as proof of purchase and ownership of the original art.

Copyright Information

Copyright information and ownership rights for buyers of original artwork. 

Buyers of original artwork own the original artwork, but they do not own the rights to the artwork image. The buyer/owner does not have any rights to the artwork image for reproduction or licensing in any format whatsoever. I, Virginia Halstead, artist of the original artwork and artwork image, own all rights to the artwork image.  This means I alone hold all rights to the artwork image to grant permission to another to use, or for myself to use, the artwork image for online purposes such as websites, social media, apps, etc.; for reproduction purposes such as books, cards, gifts, posters, prints, stationery, etc.; and for licensing purposes.  A buyer/owner of original art has the right to display, sell, loan, trade, or pass on to another the original art.  All the aforementioned limitations of rights will then be in effect for the new owner of the original artwork.

Collaborations + Permissions

If you would like to: work together on a project; commission original artwork; hire me for an assignment; request permissions and reproduction rights for original art, website artworks, or art + words, please inquire at my contact page. 

Terms + Conditions


I very much appreciate your interest in my art and website! I will make every effort to respond to you promptly. But sometimes there’s a delay in response time due to project deadlines, time away from the studio, or computer glitches. Therefore, I respectfully ask for your understanding and patience when contacting, inquiring, or purchasing at

As a visitor to my website, please comply with accepted copyright laws and practices pertaining to ownership, rights, and permissions. Thank you for your honesty, respect, and common courtesy.


The Shop at is currently under construction. In the meantime, there’s a Foldable Art Card available for you to download and print in the Shop ~ for free!  Enjoy!

Privacy Policy

Whether you contact me, subscribe to my email list, purchase original art or something from the shop, I make every effort to protect your privacy. I will not share or sell your personal information. It is used only for communication between us, accepting payment, and shipping.

Subscription privacy terms

For further information regarding privacy and terms for subscribing to, please refer to MailChimp.

visiting website terms

For further information regarding privacy and terms for visiting the website, please refer to Squarespace.

Purchasing and processing terms

For further information regarding privacy and terms for purchasing and processing payments on, please refer to PayPal.

Thank you!