Is It Any Good?

Every day I spend a few minutes to quickly
write and draw in my sketchbook or iPad. 
This is a selection from my iPad.

 Is it any good?

March 24 2015 TU 5:08 PM
Drawn on iPad

Try new stylus.

January 14 2015 TH 7:00 PM
Drawn on iPad

Dare I feel hopeful?

March 28 2015 SA 5:46 PM
Drawn on iPad

Visited Vigeland Sculpture Park today.

May 23 2015 SA - Fly Oslo to Paris
Drawn on iPad

My neck hurts.

June 17 2015 WE 6:03 PM
Drawn on iPad't-afford-time-off-right-now.png

So tired, but can’t afford time off right now.

February 11 2017 SA 8:06 AM
Drawn on iPad

Maybe Squarespace for my website?

February 7 2017 TU 10:25 AM
Drawn on iPad